Bigelow's Treehouse

Real music has been hiding...


Since 2008, San Francisco-based Bigelow's Treehouse has been setting the tension of the modern world to music.

Armed to the teeth with a combination of guilt, delusion, and fizzy water, they funk, rock, and pop their way through life with cautious abandon

Stretching the boundaries of traditional roots rock and Americana, Bigelow’s Treehouse places harder edged boogie shuffles and deep funk right alongside it’s bluesy and occasionally twangy grooves.


Bigelow's Treehouse is a dish that is all organic, locally grown, cruelty & cage free, and cheaper than a trip to the farmer's market.


Guitar/Vocals: Andrew Balmat

Keyboards: Boris Burtin

Bass: Gilbert Garlitos

Drums: Jesse Van Hiller

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