Bigelow's Treehouse

Real music has been hiding...

Stretching the boundaries of traditional roots rock and Americana, Oakland-based Bigelow’s Treehouse places harder edged boogie shuffles and deep funk right alongside it’s bluesy and occasionally twangy grooves.

Since it’s incarnation in 2008, Bigelow’s Treehouse has performed in all types of venues in every major city across California, and has shared the stage with Bay Area legends such as Tia Carroll and Little Wolf & The Hellcats.

Bigelow's Treehouse is a dish that is all organic, locally grown, cruelty & cage free, and cheaper than a trip to the farmer's market.

Bigelow's Treehouse comes in various configurations for your listening pleasure.


Guitar/Vocals: Andrew Balmat

Keyboards: Boris Burtin

Bass: Kitt Thompson

Drums: Adam Grant

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